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<uboy>     sorry for delay... i'm back
<uboy>     her voice sounds fine
<uboy>     but
<even>     what were you thinking about the magic trick stuff?
<even>     but yea i know lack of sync?
<uboy>     i would like to have sound for the video thing i'm thinking about
<uboy>     me doing the tricks/rigs while singing the eagles songs
<even>     well imagine a vocal query of the items on the list, all awkward and odd
<even>     well what are the rigs etc?
<even>     maybe you can be in the background, on channel two?
<uboy>     the match tricks... love flares etc
<uboy>     little sweet noting constructions
<uboy>     nothing
<uboy>     mostly involving fire
<even>     right, so dont you think that the v/o could add dimensionality to these 
<even>     the conflation of the activities with troublesome phone calls
<uboy>     yeah, but guess i'm saying i'd like both soundtracks.. which may be what 
you're saying too
<uboy>     i like the idea of her one way conversation
<even>     yea, and i like the idea of doing the two seperately maybe, very bad video 
editing etiquette though