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Hey, how's it going?
You're looking very cute today, where did you get that jacket?
downtown, at that store on Central Ave.
That's not a very nice part of town for a nice boy like you.
I can take care of myself, you know.
I'm sure you can. Wow, it must have cost a fortune?
Can I have a look?
I only want to see how well it's made because I am really into
this leather gear.
but don't you already have one.
Yea, I have a few, but I really like them and a man has got to
look his best, especially when you get to my age
ok, got a hot date or something.
Only if you're asking
uh, not really.
Cool. This is great. The leather is so soft. You know that's 
good quality leather when it smells this good. Definitely not plastic. 
Can I try it on, just to see how it feels?
So, how long have you had it?
couple of weeks.
Do you wear it much?
Wow, can I just take this inside for a moment to see how it 
looks on me, save me having to do it in the store?
well... ok but don't be long I have to get in for lunch.
Why don't you go now and pick it up after?
it doesn't take an hour to look at yourself in the mirror does it?
No, no, I just don't want to hold you up and get you into trouble 
with your parents. Do you think I could borrow it for a little 
while then?
well... ok but I need it for later, I'm meeting some friends later, 
you know, Saturday night an all...
Great, so who's the lucky boy.
It's not like that.
Well you never know, anytime you're feeling bored you can come 
over and watch some movies if you like, I have some really good ones.
Like I said I'm going out later...
I've got some pretty cool toys too.
Yea, maybe later...