Printed Project is a journal published by the Sculptors' Society of Ireland. Printed Project is an ongoing collaboration amongst artists, critics and curators, writers and readers devoted to making sense of contemporary art and culture.

Printed Project is published twice a year and is edited on a rotating basis by invited curatorial editors. It gathers and presents thought and opinion on issues and arguments that enliven dialogue and debate on art and the wider culture of our present day.

With Printed Project the Sculptors' Society of Ireland sets out to meet the need felt within an expanding art industry for a not-for-entertainment art publication. Simple and modest in design and production the journal brings the best of comprehensive thought to bear on present art practices and on the shared consequences artists and audiences face as our culture backs into the future.

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BACK ISSUES cover of printed project september 2003
  Issue 1. September 2003.
Curator / Editor : Sarah Pierce 'There Once was a West'
cover of printed project may 2004  
Issue 2. May 2004.
Curator / Editor : Saskia Bos 'Letters From Five Continents'
  cover of printed project October 2004
  Issue 3. October 2004.
Curator / Editor : Les Levine 'The Self Express'
cover of printed project April 2005  
Issue 4. April 2005.
Curator / Editor : James Elkins 'The New PhD in Studio Art'
  Issue 5. June/September 2005.
Curator / Editor : Alan Phelan 'Another Monumental Metaphor'
Printed Project is programmed and directed by an editorial panel comprising Toby Dennett (SSI Director), Anya von Gosseln, Siun Hanrahan, Finola Jones, Kerry McCall, Declan Long, Sarah Pierce, Paul O'Reilly, Therry Rudin.
The Sculptors' Society of Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation and is core funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
Printed Project (ISSN 1649 4075) is available for art centre, galleries and specialist booksellers in Ireland and internationally. International distribution is by Central Books ( To subscribe to Printed Project go to:

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