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m: it is a book, but that part hasn't really been written yet. really it's more than that. it's a whole plan for doing things to be happy and for doing nothing. so, it's not fiction because all we have to do is make it happen in the future.
u: ok,... uummm
m: ask me about the title...
u: right, i was thinking about that. where does that come from? the title.
m: well, i like clothes and a lot of what people will be interested in the future will be clothes. how other people move and look in them. and being soft will be important when you're around other people. it's like that not being pinned down thing i was just saying. so that the interaction between you and other people is soft. people will think about things like that. they'll want to change a lot. not change clothes, i mean be open to things. there would be, or will be, a great deal of freedom. i've done a lot of drawings of what it will look like.
u: what do they look like?