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m: drawings of people being together and their clothes. they all enjoy each other's clothes. a lot of yellow and blues...
u: and how would you make all this happen?
m: well, you know, right now i'm really into electronics too. i want to get a cb set soon. that's something important, i think. it's really useful and it's a way for people to talk to each other. angora and entropy is about talking with people when they are not around you, but still sort of close. like you can do with a cb radio. sending out a message that anyone can hear, but also that can be very personal. what's private and what isn't won't matter anymore. and that will be one way, i mean one of the ways,... that things can change. everyone will be pretty much equal and happy and happy with themselves. being soft and melting into everything and everyone; that seems very exciting to me.
u: how does that seem exciting?