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<uboy>  no
<even>  ?
<uboy>  tihnking, just a moment
<even>  space is not an end or way alone as an answer, it is an easy 
 excuse to be permentlay vague
<uboy>  there must be a way of avoiding being vague
<uboy>  space is just a new set of terms for old ideas
<even>  I guess that's what double indemnity is for. 
<uboy>  or a double bind
<uboy>  so can we avoid being vague?
<uboy>  can we say what we mean?
<even>  a conceited duplicity or the actual acknowlegement of it as
 being there (when it always has been)
<even>  ah meaning...
<even>  meaing implies a singularity of thought
<even>  meaning
<uboy>  yes, a fixed or final meaning
<even>  no
<uboy>  we can have multiples
<uboy>  though
<even>  yes... they are with us.., they used to be called levels
<even>  or does that imply hierarchy?
<uboy>  yes, then they became angles
<even>  lol
<even>  laughs out loud