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<uboy>  i will collect images
<even>  a mix will be good (eventually)... i am more concerned 
  with the rest of the stuff we have done and how to connect it 
  all up... which stories with which titles?
<uboy>  of course, non-illustrativre
<even>  what do you think of the typewriter font?
<uboy>  so, the titles are not sections? as you were thinking about earlier
<uboy>  i like it
<even>  ok
<uboy>  workman like... simple
<even>  yes
<uboy>  suicide/ ransom note
<even>  ?
<uboy>  classic writer
<uboy>  playwrtie
<even>  :)
<uboy>  ok, so connecting the stories?
<even>  hmmm... will try some pages tomorrow and see... bank holiday here
<even>  plus i still need to elevate my bloated leg (really yukky)