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<even>  obscurantics is the answer
<even>  audience is irrelevant
<uboy>  it seems to work for many
<even>  meaning only exists between us 2 and maybe not even when we finish?
<even>  doubt it tho
<uboy>  we would have to be able to really bullshit
<uboy>  spout the rhetoric
<uboy>  with conviction
<even>  we can learn 
<even>  need to prep a bit
<even>  mull
<uboy>  i fear i'm a little too vague for that
<even>  no, you are good, i lack spontaniety
<uboy>  we can try
<even>  and ability to spell
<even>  i wonder if the order on lines differ bet us
<uboy>  ... and  we need to believe (or pretend) that the process works
<even>  info travelling at dif speeds etc
<uboy>  the dialogue, the parallel
<even>  believe
<uboy>  order on lines?
<even>  of lines
<even>  our words
<uboy>  hmmm
<uboy>  don't know
<uboy>  yes, belief is a rather strong word
<even>  sleep on it
<uboy>  i shall