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<uboy>  we are not creating our own deep vocabulary
<even>  but i thought we wanted too
<uboy>  vague, perhaps but not deep
<even>  he is very similar only more spectacle orientated, 
 maybe it is that distruct of the SPECTACLE that sets him apart, 
 narrative is twisted in a similar way but...
<even>  distrust
<uboy>  the fluidity with which they handle their self made 
 worlds is similar
<uboy>  along with their belief in their rhetoric
<uboy>  that's why i ask how committed we are
<even>  i am
<uboy>  or how much we believe in the process
<uboy>  as am i
<even>  in so much as it fulfills this experiment... leads somewhere
<uboy>  yes.. good... what is our destination?
<uboy>  lets' keep going with the destination
<uboy>  potentially important
<even>  our destination is at one level the exhibition but it is 
 only part of a wider discussion
<uboy>  yes, it seems that there should be a larger destination
<even>  so we aim to make things but these things are not complete 
 or free-standing without another something... a lot like metaphor