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<uboy>  we must make editing decissions
<even>  yes for concision only
<uboy>  that's why it can only work to a degree.. i.e a scam i guess
<uboy>  so are we giving up?
<even>  no sideways is no defeatist
<uboy>  abandoning the ship in dry dock?
<even>  discussing gravity again?
<uboy>  but we admit our reservations about the process?
<even>  revealing it is a beautiful thing?
<even>  or lazy?
<uboy>  there we are again... saying what we mean
<uboy>  or intend
<even>  really?
<uboy>  we have to commit to a position of resignation... if that's one we chose
<uboy>  not lazy thgough
<uboy>  though
<uboy>  can we pull this off?
<even>  sure