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<even> isn't this confirming the obvious
<uboy> which is?
<uboy> people like to talk dirty?
<even> i know so to what end... for us?
<uboy> good question
<uboy> try to root through it all?
<uboy> hope a spark will happen?
<even> lets continue talking to eachother as if they were not there
<uboy> ok
<even> is this getting too kinky?
<uboy> no, we may be able to use it...
<uboy> get a feel for how this whole thing will play out
<even> but it is all obvious fantasy thing.... play point taken
<even> i dunno if i will ever realise mine, that's why i dont try
<even> opps
<even> this is silly
<uboy> yes
<uboy> i want to sit back and evaluate what just happened
<even> like is there a point?
<even> is this dialogue or dirty talk straight up
<uboy> i'll dig around for one
<uboy> but we can use it in dialogue
<uboy> reserve your judgement