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<uboy>  that's why i think more story space linking may not help the process
<even>  i was feeling that too
<even>  all very predictable
<uboy>  just not sure how to move sideways
<even>  conceptual leaping would have us scrap the site and scribble instead
<even>  make a book!!
<uboy>  that is a leap
<even>  i dunno
<uboy>  but, i think the site is where it's at.... we just need the right spark
<even>  light me up
<even>  i will probe my Ucs 
<uboy>  right
<even>  i really should go
<even>  sorry
<uboy>  ucs?
<even>  i cant really concentrate
<even>  unconsciousness
<uboy>  ok, goodnight and goodluck
<uboy>  tomorrow