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<even>  well we still dont really know what we are doing anyway
<even>  panic
<uboy>  panic is right
<even>  any response to my dizzy e-mail of last night
<uboy>  just read it, but yes we need a drastic turn around
<uboy>  i'm not opposed to text
<uboy>  or rather a segregation
<even>  but are u opposed to pictures?
<even>  we need to decide soon so i can continue html-ing
<uboy>  less story illustration, more archiving
<even>  suppose
<even>  and the middle? is it to be real?
<uboy>  also, more free play,   whatever that might mean
<uboy>  yes...
<uboy>  it can be this non-judgemental space
<even>  indeed whatever
<uboy>  a play with out rules or goal
<uboy>  play/game
<even>  but i always have a problem with what that looks like and how it does 
not fall into the hypertext predictable structure 
<uboy>  it sounds like empty rhetoric, but maybe just needs to be done
<uboy>  right
<even>  we shall float down together