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<even>  well i like your thoughts from earlier today
<even>  about the grouping of the parts
<uboy>  yes, keeping it somewhat straightforward
<even>  with plans for art dotted or connected to end or middle?
<even>  need to work out pics  now that we have agreed to imagemap
<even>  think a mix of things suits the scrapbook idea
<even>  so think of good pics or phrases maybe?
<even>  lik ethe matches
<uboy>  plans for art are the middle
<even>  a stylized version
<even>  of them
<uboy>  for pics?  yes, i like them as model of unactualizable situations
<even>  good phrase
<uboy>  anti macho chris burdens
<uboy>  sweet nothings
<even>  hehehe
<even>  so like it is just a case of deciding
<uboy>  do you feel that simple categories can work?  i now feel like simply 
 labeling dialogue as dialogue
<even>  yup
<even>  these simple terms were an inspiration
<uboy>  and simultaneous writing as such, etc
<even>  as it needs to be legible and ordered at a glance or else it 
 is hyper-nothing
<uboy>  yes, the implied structure should be accessibility