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<uboy>  i think we started ok
<uboy>  with the idea of dialogues
<even>  yea
<even>  and they should continue... but what of the stories
<uboy>  propositions and responses
<even>  what about the autoerotic?
<uboy>  non-judgement
<uboy>  yes, that is always there
<uboy>  we take away the pleasure
<uboy>  by playing a game
<even>  i think we need to just work on the stories and less of this game malarky
<even>  do some work and stop talking about it
<uboy>  yes, true
<even>  so do we do the hyper thing or make many strands instead
<uboy>  well, the hyper thing is more expected, i'd favor something less expected
<uboy>  like strands
<even>  but how do we use it as a tool fot the show instead of a requirement?
<uboy>  you mean the site?
<uboy>  well
<uboy>  i think that
<uboy>  that ahould be reflected in the structure or perhaps just saying so is enough
<uboy>  realistically, how many people will see the site
<even>  i agree that saying so is enough but
<even>  we need to be able to use it or it is a waste of time
<uboy>  how we frame the concept could be all that is required
<even>  get something out of it
<even>  learn
<even>  learn from the collaboration
<even>  somehow
<even>  like we said we would
<uboy>  yes, that's why i think it should reflect a looseness and flexibilty as 
 opposed to too great a design concern
<uboy>  perhaps that means just text