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<uboy> just another space in which to work
<even> what do you think that means
<even> so clued it it hurts?
<even> so clued in, it hurts?
<uboy> no
<even> ?
<uboy> thinking, just a moment
<even> space is not an end or way alone as an answer, it is an easy excuse to be permently vague
<uboy> there must be a way of avoiding being vague
<uboy> space is just a new set of terms for old ideas
<even> I guess that is what double indemnity is for
<uboy> or a double bind
<even> very good
<uboy> we hopefully are avoiding all his myth and pomp
<uboy> we are aboveboard
<uboy> and to the side
<even> pomp it could be, if we had the budget, or is it resourcefulness the makes others jealous? so easy to write it off?
<uboy> we are not creating our own deep vocabulary
<even> but i thought we wanted too