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<uboy>  must figure how to play that up
<even>  yup
<uboy>  connectivity
<even>  thats why the construction thing was exciting for me
<even>  to screen off areas or architecture
<even>  coz it really dominates
<uboy>  yes, propose new uses
<even>  the phots make it look really cubist/constructivist
<even>  lots of bridges
<uboy>  subjectivity enclosures and connectivity vehicles
<even>  could be worth persuing as a naff metaphor
<even>  or mechanisms even
<uboy>  and so much glasss
<uboy>  and soft rigging
<uboy>  it somehow all fits
<even>  i might still be half disabled
<uboy>  i'm planning on it
<even>  need to write letters