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<even>  the threading is ok right?
<uboy>  yes, didn't work for me either, but still very impressed
<uboy>  yes
<even>  indeed
<even>  so what would u change on pageone?
<uboy>  well, i did like the hands on the guy hold the cable
<uboy>  maybe somewhere else on the site?
<even>  yah
<even>  sure
<even>  p1 is a tease
<even>  i thought the wwwboard would be under the telex
<uboy>  i guess these are just more like thumbnails
<even>  coz it is so big
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  no text?
<even>  yea maybe
<uboy>  yes, it makes sense... so you liked those equipment shots?
<even>  there will be text behind the pics as they load tho
<even>  yes the quip shot were v freaky... what of the colour? too much?
<uboy>  no, i like the color
<uboy>  it's how i envisioned it
<even>  good?
<uboy>  yes