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<uboy>  we just need to devise appropriate blurbs for each
<even>  yup or simple teasers
<uboy>  yes, outside help is good
<even>  fresh eyes
<even>  showed niall too... he liked page one i think
<uboy>  yes, was going to say vague... little teasers
<uboy>  but somewhat clarifying
<uboy>  good
<even>  i scanned in some typewriter text to make words from tomorrow for 
 the buttons
<even>  coz i have no imagination
<uboy>  good
<uboy>  that might do it
<even>  smaller letters
<even>  very zine like tho?
<even>  oh well
<uboy>  yeah, but that's ok
<uboy>  so, just simple text then?
<even>  i reckon
<even>  with some words on how it is structured maybe... a standard thing
<uboy>  it makes sense..
<even>  should all the buffers be slightly different or the same
<even>  variety or consistancy?
<uboy>  right now i'm leaning toward consistancy
<even>  hmmm me too for the moment
<uboy>  one frame of reference before diving in....
<even>  until i discover applets or quickie animation to jazz
<uboy>  right
<even>  so i will plug away then and shuffle some more