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<even>  all that anticipation of going public
<uboy>  do we need to write the intro's tonight?
<uboy>  buffers?
<uboy>  yes, it is very exciting
<even>  well maybe not right now
<uboy>  in this case, very drawn out process..
<uboy>  a slow tease
<even>  i need to go to bed as i want to be there early ... u tease
<uboy>  ok, i need to resolve laundry issues
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  but will keep working of things
<uboy>  on
<even>  i have my mom for that
<even>  how are the new stories? we need more material now that there are more sections
<uboy>  lucky
<uboy>  i have written both
<even>  i havnt written yet as all i do is html at the mo... takes so long
<uboy>  not long, rough, but i like them
<even>  i am guilty
<even>  good
<uboy>  well, that's very understandable
<uboy>  no need to be guilty
<uboy>  you've been very busy