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<Sylord> Sentimental are the few, but they make better lovers?
<even>   well it is maybe better to do it alone?
<even>   more safe and self contained?
<uboy>   more pure?
<Sylord> But sentimental need not be alone, more good memories to me are 
 with others, not just being alone.  being alone is like being a hermit
<even>   but u only share a real sentimental moment with yourself
<Sylord> Not always true
<even>   it is rather solitary
<uboy>   in some cases, i suppose...
<Sylord> Is it really sentiment, but not just a memory then?
<uboy>   an emotional response
<even>   just sweet memories in response to a something
<Sylord> I guess I've spent too much of my live as an individual, and 
 like to share with others my thgoughts emotions and dreams