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<Sylord>  I never thought of rigging up a drag chute for emergency use on those
<Sylord>  wild corners that edged the cliff could be so exciting. I was never
<Sylord>  that career orientated either.
<even>    yes u can paste too eh?
<even>    we are interested in finding out hoe this 'goodness' folds back in on 
 itself to make people do rash things in the name of self-interested love stuff
<Sylord>  yes, the implied structure should be accessibility
<even>    u are miming
<Sylord>  I'm lacking your thought process
<even>    in what way? not really actually
<Sylord>  You question is posed, but you placed no answer on the page...
<uboy>    yes, you seem to be there with us...
<uboy>    we're not as interested in answers, quite often
<even>    the answers are on-going
<even>    its about the process of answering
<even>    so uboy where to put the furniture?
<uboy>    well, i guees i thought of them as the background, the set, or something
<even>    random? like
<uboy>    on the buffer page maybe... not sure
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