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<uboy>  yes... time flies when having fun
<even>  well i reckon we could still add some space imagined stuff too? lower down?
<uboy>  i thought that a common thread , like the quasi architechtural setting, might help
<uboy>  to unite
<uboy>  or give the felling of entering a new area
<even>  that is important
<uboy>  or really suggesting that the stories are there for us alongside something else
<uboy>  like there's something more than just the posting of our literary talents
<even>  the something else will need to be making it work for us so we can use 
 this to make things right?
<uboy>  yes, god i'm hoping
<even>  it is a transition thing
<uboy>  it will all work...
<even>  we can do it
<uboy>  between content and form?
<even>  no
<even>  they are one, irrelevant, the same, beside eachother etc
<even>  but yes between i suppose
<uboy>  yes
<even>  so anyway...
<uboy>  yeah
<uboy>  just going over that in my mind