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<uboy> perhaps we should have a more focused agenda, in other words?
<even> yea
<uboy> sentimental is too braod... narrow it down
<uboy> small topic each time
<even> yah... well we have written a lot and though a lot about this stuff 
 already and it needs to progress thru the sentimental toward the autoerotic somehow
<even> we need to work toward that connectivity with others... 
<uboy> yes, but perhaps they don't have to get the gist of the whole process
<uboy> or project
<even> well we are here to mediate or provoke or initiate right?
<uboy> we just ask about particulars of something which itself is parallel to project
<uboy> more props
<even> how do these imagined spaces work fot u?
<uboy> i meant that the chats themselves would be similar to the way we are useing props
<uboy> but...
<even> ok... provisional but...
<even> yes yes all in the muddy background... but we are to the side 
 (wherever that is)
<uboy> right, so we do all of the above, mediate, provoke , initiate; but not 
 feel compelled to get a point across or the general nature of the project
<even> well the general point is so fuzzy
<even> i am not even sure what it is anymore
<even> btw
<uboy> yeah, me either... but we'd better just deal in fuzz
<uboy> the point is generalities...?
<even> well discursive strategies toward a related object or reality that is
<uboy> yes, well put
<even> but there is more too as there is a specific content we have engaged
<even> and we should be dealing with it more i feel