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<uboy>  well, in reality it's mixing and incoming signal with a fixed
 signal to produce 
a beat... here it's someone who wants to melt into all communication... to melt 
 into everyone else
<even>  cool... but melting into himself really i guess
<uboy>  supressed carrier is to opposite end of sopectrum... individualist
<uboy>  communication shutdown
<even>  very good
<even>  very good analogy
<uboy>  no, supressed carrier melts into himself
<uboy>  all silly, i guess.. but no worse than anything else
<even>  not silly sound fairly reasonable and developed actually away from the other 
 stuff so far which is good, necessary and welcome
<even>  suddenly there is a lot of work to make
<uboy>  it is grand, yet melty, up above... but it's rather nasty down there
<uboy>  with a link between the two
<uboy>  the self actualizing rhetoric is upstairs...  work area is below
<even>  no melty below
<uboy>  somehow yes
<even>  yes the actualized self has been found upabove somehow but below is a 
 mess too...  but more
<uboy>  very melty below.. hinted at above