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<uboy>  privacy screens?
<even>  the shape or strucure could mimic the building... fo screens i guess yea
<uboy>  not booths really
<even>  a mad constructivist mess?
<uboy>  an attempt to order a mess..
<uboy>  well, maybe mess is better
<even>  like the bridges view
<even>  mess is good
<uboy>  panels at odd angles
<even>  need to render with an archticture program
<even>  if we had one
<uboy>  heroic failure
<uboy>  about to collapse
<uboy>  that still allows for privacy and public connectivty
<even>  lean to with no visible means of support
<even>  yup
<even>  maybe with a privacy cublicle included
<uboy>  yeah... could be thought of as a flexble addaptable thing... could be 
 installed at any venue