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DAYS days passed and Sara didn't mention anything about Daniel's absence that evening. the truth is that she hadn't noticed; she was asleep. but she had noticed several times in the past when he disappeared during the night for an hour or two. she asked him about it the first two times. the conversation wasn't really very confrontational and yet it was thoroughly awful. he freaked out in a controlled way, if that's possible. that was the part that most disturbed Sara and after going through that twice, she decided that she wasn't ready to deal with all of another person's shit when she'd only been living with him for three weeks. not that she didn't care about him, it's just that when he says he couldn't sleep and went out for a walk; well, it's easier to let it rest at that than to fight over it. as they spent more time living together, she came to not wake when he slipped in and out of bed. or when he slipped in and out of conversations. a lot of times, you put up with people because they put up with you.